Useful Feed For Fighting Chickens

Useful Feed For Fighting Chickens

Useful Feed For Fighting Chickens – To get good and strong fighting chicken results, of course, the keepers must also provide good food so that the nutrition of the chicken is fulfilled.

Food Feed In Fighting Chickens That Should Be Watched For

For those of you who are raising fighting chickens from the fighting chickens, they are still small until they are kept until they grow up, they definitely need a balanced feed according to the age of the fighting chickens that you are keeping so that their nutritional intake and other substances will be needed for the growing period of the fighting cock so that it can be fulfilled. Feed in good fighting chickens is required to be able to meet the content that is in complete nutrition such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals which are very, very useful for your fighting chickens so that they can always be healthy.

So things like this are very, very important to pay attention to so that they can be considered when you raise fighting cocks or if you have a fighting cock of the Bangkok type, it must be considered. This is because in terms of costs, your fighting chicken feed must be calculated and in accordance with what was predicted. It is very necessary to save the cost of fighting chicken feed, because fighting chickens, especially fighting chickens, are of the Bangkok type which generally grow and develop, which will increasingly cost a lot of money. Therefore you must need an alternative price of feed that is very cheap but high quality for your fighting chickens.

Mas snail feed for fighting chickens

The alternative for fighting chickens in the previous discussion here is to use a golden snail in the mixture in your fighting chicken fodder. Golden snail, which is a mixed food as a source of protein, is quite cheap. Apart from that, this golden snail is also very easy to get because there are many around us. And this golden snail is known to have a high protein content when consumed. Apart from that, this golden snail is also rich in calcium in the golden snail meat.

This is because it is quite useful for those of you fighting cock lovers and also fighting cock breeders like this. Because you can save without having to spend a lot of money every month. Using this golden snail feed is one way that can be done such as adding a mixture of other alternative feeds to the initial feed when you want to give it to your fighting chickens.

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Giving Mas Snail for 3-Month Old Chicks

As for the feeding of golden snails to fighting chicks who have just turned 3 months of age, it can be done in the provision that is mixed with other feeds, one example is when your fighting cock is still 3 months old. Voer feed which is the most appropriate choice mixed with flour. Also with this golden snail, the composition can be divided by 50% -50%. From giving golden snails, this can be done until your fighting cock is 6 months old. After 6 months of age, then you give Voer feed coded 594. So that your fighting cocks become fatter and can also make their feathers nicer.

Constraints in Using Animal Feed for Fighting Chickens

There is an obstacle when using animal feed on your fighting chickens like this. It is difficult to adapt your fighting chickens to the feed that will be given. Of course, in the early days of providing animal feed for your fighting chickens, sometimes it is very difficult to do. However, if you do not provide specific feed for your fighting chickens apart from this feed. Over time, your fighting chickens will begin to get used to the mixed feed. Made by you for your favorite fighting cock.