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Tricks to Play Cockfighting Special for Beginners

Tricks for Playing Cockfighting for Beginners – For those of you who especially like or like to play cockfighting gambling, now you don’t have to be confused about where to play and don’t have to worry about being raided by the police. online, so only by using a computer that has an internet network you can bet, but before playing you must know how to play the most complete cockfighting gambling.

After understanding how to play the most complete cockfighting gambling, Prediksi Togel then you will easily and steadily determine the type of bet so that you get a win, but if you don’t understand how to play how do you want to win?

You need to know that this Togel Prediction usually bets until one of the chickens runs and even dies on the spot, because in cockfighting games before the chickens compete there is usually a warm-up first.

Cockfighting games are usually played traditionally from various countries in Asia including Indonesia, where people like or like to play cockfighting gambling. This cockfighting game can be officially played in Vietnam and the Philippines Dream Book 2D , in this game all fighting cocks have a special area or arena prepared as a place to fight.

One form of sportsmanship after each match, the arena will always be cleaned of the rest of the previous match.

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Bet Types How to Play the Most Complete Cockfighting Gambling

The most complete type of bet on how to play cockfighting gambling, Buku Mimpi 2D there are several terms in the cockfighting gambling game, please see below:

1. Every match has odds or khei

  • Odds or khei is the market between meron and wala. Example: Opportunities listed on red (meron) and blue (wala) selection screens
  • Red (Meron) when on Meron @ 0.75 (odds value) then when you bet 100,000 the prize is 75,000.
  • Blue (Wala) when pictured wala @ -0.91 (odds value) then when you bet 100,000 the prize is 100,000 if you lose then pay 91,000.
  • BDD 8 means when you bet 100,000 then the prize is 800,000 including your capital.
  • FTD 88 means when you bet 100,000, the prize is 8,800,000 including your capital.

2. Second Dead Draw (BDD)

Which means that the result of the fight is declared a draw if the two chickens have fought for 10 minutes and can’t fight anymore or the two chickens die together.

When you bet on meron or wala but on the result of bdd your money will be returned, but if you place a tie or draw then you are declared the winner and the payment system is according to the predetermined bdd odds.

3. Full Time Sweepstakes (FTD)

Now if you put meron or wala and the result is declared ftd then your bet money is considered lost, what is meant by ftd are two chickens that fight more than the specified time, which is 10 minutes and both chickens are still alive.

After you understand the types of bets in playing cockfighting gambling, please read Bocoran hk  the tips before you play, hopefully they can be useful for you.

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The Most Complete Playing Tips For Beginners

Maybe for those of you who just want to join playing Leak HK and are still confused about how to do it, please refer to the following tips.

1. Looking for a Trusted Online Gambling Site

Maybe for those of you who are still confused about finding a trusted online gambling site, we have a solution for you to be able to play comfortably, because now many have joined and played together.

Why do I recommend the site as a trusted agent in playing online cockfighting gambling? because cooperates with several large providers and has been in the online gambling world for a long time, and never delays player payments when they win.

2. Finding Match Information

Looking for match information you really have to do because the match schedule is always changing, HK predictions but you don’t need to worry about the schedule that you can find in the s128 lobby.

3. View Match History

The history of this match determines several things, namely from the posture of the Prediksi hk and how many times it has played and how many times it has won, if you already know the history of the game then you can confidently determine the bet.

Alright, we have finished our discussion on how to play the most complete cockfighting gambling for beginners, hopefully this article can help you win. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.